Focus Music reLAUNCH

I am very excited to reintroduce FocUS Music to the digital world. Since FocUS Music's humble beginnings in Israel and Palestine, the program has covered incredible ground. Slowly but surely, more and more people are hearing about FocUS Music's ability to captivate audience through engaging and dynamic programming about United States History. The upcoming elections and ongoing primaries, if anything, have shown an extraordinary need to educate society about the need for increased social engagement and awareness. It is so easy to become numb to the deluge of social media dramatizing the political race BUT we must educate ourselves as our future depends on it.

The obvious impact of music to touch people is being harnessed in FocUS Music to raise awareness of the ebb and flow of American society.

I would personally like to thank the staff of the Public Affairs Office in Tel Aviv, the Consulate General in Jerusalem as well as the staff of the American Center in Jerusalem for their incredible support. Fours have passed since Jewish and Arab participants experienced the magic of music as a lens to understand US society and now, FocUS Music has had audience across Europe, the United States as well as the Middle East.

Now let's' make music mean even more to the people.

#trump #sanders #clinton #music #UnitedStates #Education #SocialAction

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